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Impact Alliances?

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What the heck are
Impact Alliances?

It's hard, nay, impossible to do everything yourself these days. But the good news is...you don't have to.  Anything you need, someone else already has it.

Need more profit / capital to grow?  No problem, you've got a fortune locked up in your old customer lists.

Need more customers?  No problem.  Other brands have already invested millions of dollars to find the exact people you're looking for.

We call them Impact Alliances because, when done right, they have a tremendous impact on your business, your partner's business and most importantly, your customers.

Robert Hargrove

Top Executive Coach to Fortune 500 CEOs

"The defining characteristic of the greatest entrepreneurs in the 21st century will be their ability to creatively collaborate with others who have different pieces of the puzzle."

Look, Why Risk Your Own Capital When Other Brands Will Grow Your Business For You? 

And they'll do it for nothing more than a share of the profits.

Acquire New Customers WITHOUT Spending or Risking a Dime

Other brands have already done all the hard work for you.  They've invested years of effort and millions of dollars on advertising.    They've sorted and sifted out all the looky-loos.  Their customer lists are chock full of the EXACT people YOU'RE trying to find.

Don't squander your time and resources.  We'll get those brands to happily hand over their best customers to you.  

Turn your old, dead customer lists into a steady stream of brand new cashflow.

You've already spend the time, energy and money to acquire these customers.  Don't let them get away.

We can find top products and services from other top brands to sell to your customers -- building incredible customer loyalty in the process -- and maximizing your lifetime customer value.

This gives you more money to reinvest into new customers.  And the ability to outspend every competitor.

Impact Alliances Give
You Options... 

Turn your customer list into cashflow without increasing ad costs or overhead
Fund business growth internally instead of taking on debt or giving control of your company to VC's and investors.
Effortlessly enter new markets without any additional ad expenditure
Increase email open rates by adding value to your customers' lives so they actually look forward to getting communication from you 
Reactivate dormant customers and generate floods of new referrals
Make more from your UNCONVERTED leads than from the ones who actually BUY
Shorten the sales cycles and decrease cost of acquisition by having your partners "warm up" your leads
Add new revenue and profit streams without taxing your infrastructure or increasing overhead
Make your customers worth more than your competitors' so you can spend more to "BUY" a new customer than they can
Extend your profit generating activities so you can revalue the marginal net worth of every new customer
Add new profit streams to make your business worth more come exit time
Turn past customers into cashflow -- even if the NEVER by from you again.
Test demand for new products BEFORE you spend a fortune on new product development -- and use the profits to fund the winners.

Drayton Bird

World's Top Copywriter

"Our customer lists are the most overlooked and ignored pool of profits in business today."

Your Business Is Like A Two-Way Valve...

Customers come in and customers go out.  When they go out, don't let them drift away into the ethers.  You made the investment.  Don't sacrifice the bulk of your return.

Your business is more than just a business.  It's also a tremendous distribution system for all sorts of other products and services your customers are buying -- and will thank you for providing.  

Then just reverse the process to get new customers in YOUR door.

Maximize the back-end value of your buyers by selling them other brands' products and services -- over and over again.

Revalue the marginal net worth of those new customers and INCREASE your ad spend to 'buy' even more new front-end customers (or build a few Impact Alliances to get other brands to refer their best customers over to you).

Shoot those new customers into your profit-maximizing back-end.  Then continue this virtuous cycle until you can afford that island in the Caribbean you've been hankering for.

Jay Abraham

World's Highest Paid Business Consultant

"If I could choose only ONE of my many business-building strategies, it would be strategic alliances....because you can control the world."

You can't afford to ignore these  profits any longer.  "Why NOT?" You ask...

Your competitors are gonna kick your ass...

If they've got a higher lifetime customer value...they're gonna win because they can afford to outspend and outmarket you.

You're taking on Too much Risk

Businesses are closing, supply chains are crumbling, banks are freaking, yield curves are inverting, dogs and cats are living together.   This is not the time you want to be taking on ANY unnecessary risks, like using your own money for growth (or giving up equity to VC's).

They'll think you're a clown.

Why go to all the effort to run a business if you're going to give away half the profits.  You've already made the investment.  Now let's get the return...

Could a few Impact Alliances be profitable in your business, too?

Would it be a crap terrible idea to have a simple conversation about harvesting these lost profits?

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